Jeff   Rochford


Your body was meant to move. Use what it was designed for.



Brooklyn, NY



USA Track and Field | USA Triathlon


Owner/ Personal Trainer / Coach

Jumpstart Health and Wellness | Fred's Team

Endurance Athlete. Head Coach. Motivational Speaker. Renowned Personal Trainer.

Jeff Rochford, one of the most well respected fitness professionals in New York City, is all of these and more. A passionate advocate for healthy living and exercise, Jeff has run hundreds of races, coached thousands of athletes and brought countless numbers of clients great results through his common sense approach.

Move because you can. Take nothing for granted.

Jeff's straightforward attitude was heavily influenced by his early experiences. As a child growing up in Brooklyn, he watched a cherished uncle, who had lost his sight to cancer, navigate the challenges of city life with aplomb- "choose to be healthy" he told his young nephew, "and never take anything for granted." Jeff's uncle, who doctors believed would not make it to adolescence, lived an incredibly full life- he would go on to help thousands by assisting in the development of the protocols used to help newly blind patients adjust to their condition.

Own your emotions. Own your health.

From his first day in the local gym in Sheepshead Bay to his current role as the Head Coach for Fred's Team, one the largest marathon charity teams in the world, Jeff takes the view that you already have all the necessary tools to get fit- you just need to get started. He has worked tirelessly to dispel fitness myths and encourage people; small changes = big results.

Jeff is also instrumental in assisting my patients with lifestyle modification, getting them to become more fit and lose weight. My patients with hypertension, diabetes, elevated cholesterol and obesity benefit from these lifestyle changes by dramatically improving their risk factors and ultimately improving the length and more importantly the quality of their lives. 

-Dr. Ronald Primas


Racing Career



TCS New York City Marathon

15 Career finishes

180+ Races 

Including 20 total Marathons



Ironman US Championships


New York City Triathlon

15 Finishes


Jeff Rochford is an expert in his field always creating solutions for the "impossible," through Jeff's innovative thinking, focus driven results focused approach your only option is success to a "new you" through a new, more exciting and engaging approach. I have refined and reinvented the way I live with the help of Jeff Rochford which has resulted in a healthier life through simple adjustments. Thank you Jeff!

-Dr. Lisa Christiansen